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Welcome to

Your Pharmacy

With over 25 years of diverse experience in pharmaceutical industry I am looking forward to meet and serve you.

It has been my pleasure to serve Scarborough community as a pharmacist for the past decade. I wish to continue this path by providing you with quality service and care at Hakim Drug Mart, your local and independent pharmacy in Scarborough, ON.

Pharmacist in Scarborough

Our Services

Here are just a few of the services we provide:

Medication Consultation

Question about your pills or side-effects

Transfer Prescriptions

Changing your pharmacy is easy and fast

Free Delivery (not online)

Fax your prescription & we'll deliver it

Travel/Flu Vaccinations

Get protected before your trip or winter

Refill Request (via phone)

Get your refills on time or urgently

Quit Smoking

Let us help you get started

Why Choose Our Pharmacy?

You will experience a level of personal attention that can only be provided by independent pharmacy.

We are committed to provide a trustworthy service by establishing long lasting relationships with our clients.

Get your medication from your local pharmacy just a few minutes away from home. We are located in Malvern Neighbourhood in Scarborough

Health Care Specialties

Our medication knowledge at your service


Medication Review

We will meet you through an individualized appointment to review your medications so you can get the most benefit from them.

  •  One-on-one Appoinment
  •  Flexible Schedule
  •  Expert Help
  •  Qualified Pharmacists
  •  Reliable Advice
  •  Easy and Free
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Compliance Packaging

Medications work best when taken correctly. With convenient, easy-to-use blister packaging you can take your medications in the right dose at the right time.

  •  Easy to Use
  •  Standardized Packaging
  •  Include Instructions


Diabetes Support

Control your diabetes better. We provide personalized consultations to mange medications doses and check your A1C; so you can reach to your target blood sugar levels.

  •  Personalized
  •  On-going Support
  •  A1C Check
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Blood Pressure Monitoring

We can assist you with monitoring your blood pressure by recommending the right equipment. Monitoring blood pressure is crucial for preventing heart attack and stroke.

  •  Preventive Help
  •  Offer Monitors
  •  Answer Your Medication Questions


Compounding Prescriptions

We are expert in making your mixture prescriptions. We can also provide the best offer for the best mixture based on your skin conditions.

  •  Custom Medication
  •  Experienced Pharmacists

Drugstore Offers

We offer professional service at affordable rates
with flexible options

Payment Specials

We offer flexible fee options

  • Co-Payment Senior Discount
  • Cash Paying Patient Discount

Insurance Plans

We accept all drug plans

  • Rx Plus
  • Blue Cross
  • ESI (Eclips Canada)
  • PSH (Public Service Health)
  • IFH (Interim Federal Health)
  • WCB (Worker's Compensation Board)
  • Assure Health Network
  • Ontario Drug Benefit
  • Green Sheild
  • Nex Gen


Take advantage of limited time offers

  • Weekly and Monthly In-store Offers

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We love to hear from you. Send us your feedback or questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible